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Recipient Training Presentation Library

Click on the links below to view trainings developed by OCHN's Office of Recipient Rights for individuals receiving services through Oakland County's public mental health system. These informative presentations teach people how to advocate for themselves and protect their rights.


 DignityandRespect  PCP  




Volunteer Monitoring Committee

The State of Michigan requires that group homes and SIPs (Supported Independent Program Homes) be monitored a minimum of one (1) time each year. This process is completed by volunteer monitors who visit the homes to evaluate general living conditions, how people are treated, cleanliness, and each person's overall quality of life. 

OCHN equips all volunteer monitors with the necessary resources and tools to perform their responsibilities effectively. To learn more about this valuable volunteer position and how you too can become involved, click on the links below or contact the Office of Recipient Rights at (877) 744-4878.


ChildAdultLicensing ResidentialAssessment
Educate Localarealisting
MileageReimbursement VolunteerInvitation











Peer Rights Ally

A Peer Rights Ally is an individual formally trained in the rights of people receiving public mental health services. They use their education to communicate knowledge to fellow persons receiving services. Please read the Peer Rights Ally Brochure to learn more about this important initiative and to determine whether or not you want to apply to become a Peer Rights Ally. You can also contact the Office of Recipient Rights at (877) 744-4878.


Peer Rights Ally Brochure

Peer Ally Flyer

Apply to be a Peer Rights Ally

Peer Rights Ally Encounter Form