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OCHN Contract and Procurement Information

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN).

OCHN procurement policies provide fair, competitive, and cost effective processes for the securing of goods and services for its administration and operations. Procurement is a necessary function for OCHN as a governmental agency concerned with appropriate expenditure of public funds.

If you would like to introduce your organization to us and receive notification of contract opportunities, please complete the online Vendor Profile form below.

Current OCHN vendor opportunities are posted on this website, as well as our social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter).







Direct Service Providers

(DSP)Direct Service Providers are agencies that contract with the (CPA).  The DSP implements the Individual Plan of Service authorized by the CPA. Supports andServices are driven by the Individualized Person Centered Planning Process and authorized based on the needs to sufficiently meet the goals in the IPOS.  Provided below are examples of some of the services offered by our DSP.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation  Services (Skill Building) - Skill-Building Assistance includes supports, services and training to help a person participate actively at school, work, volunteer, or community settings, or to learn social skills they may need to support themselves or to get around in the community.

  • Respite Services - Short term temporary respite to the unpaid primary caregivers of people eligible for specialty services.

  • Community Living Supports (CLS) - Activities provided by paid staff to assist adults with serious mental illness or developmental disability or children with serious emotional disturbance to live independently and participate in the community. Some of these supports provided can be Personal Care Services in residences that are licensed, unlicensed, and independent residents with supports.

  • Peer Delivered/Specialist/Mentor Services - Assist with food, clothing, socialization, housing, and support to begin and maintain mental health treatment. Activities are designed to assist individuals with serious mental illness in their individual recovery journey and are provided by individuals who are in recovery from serious mental illness. (Mentors) assist individuals to utilize their life experiences of living with a disability to encourage, support, teach, and guide individuals in achieving their goals.

For children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbance and their families that include treatment and supports necessary to maintain the child in the family home.


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